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New Project

The DNA Download: Seeing Our Ancestry through DNA

In this episode of The DNA Download — a weekly video series produced by 23andMe — I explain how scientists unravel your ancestry composition and recent ancestor locations. The goal of this series was to educate and inspire potential customers about basic genetics concepts and how they apply to 23andMe’s product. I wrote, edited, and fact-checked the script for this episode.

Hardcover Book: The Story of Your DNA

Hardcover Book: The Story of Your DNA

Tasked with creating a beautiful, hardcover keepsake for customers desiring something more permanent than digital reports, I wrote all copy and edited The Story of Your DNA for 23andMe. It’s a personalized coffee table book containing each customer’s unique results, designed to include educational moments about the science of genetics, glossy color images, and inspiration for what to do next with your results.